Best Wireless Charging Pads for Galaxy S8 as of March 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S8 supports wireless charging, so take full advantage of the convenience! The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautifully designed phone packed with convenient features. That includes wireless charging, which allows you to forgo dealing with cables and elegantly have your phone charging on your desk at work or nightstand at home and simply grab it when it's time to get up and go. There are a variety of wireless charging stands and pad options compatible with the Galaxy S8, from chargers designed by Samsung to third-party products. Here are your best available options for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger pad Tylt Qi Wireless Charging Stand Aukey Wireless Charging Pad iOttie iON Wireless Qi Wireless Charging Pad PASONOMI Fast Wireless Charger Samsung Fast Charge Convertible Wireless Charging Pad Samsung has come out with a completely redesigned wireless charging pad/stand, which launched alongside the Galaxy S8. Besides the premium leather-like appearance and ingenious design which allows you to easily convert this pad into an angled charging stand, you can be sure that this charging pad was created with your Galaxy S8 in mind. The charger comes with a spare Samsung Fast Charge wall charger — because let's be honest, you can never have too many Samsung wall chargers — and allows you to fast charge your Galaxy S8 wirelessly at your home or office. At $50, this is the most expensive option on the list, but if premium quality and functionality are your top priorities, this is the one you want. See at Amazon Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger pad For the same fast charging speeds in a less-expensive (and smaller) package, look for Samsung's last-generation flat wireless charging pad. This UFO-like charging pad can charge all Qi-compatible devices and is Fast Charge-compatible with your Galaxy S8. It also comes with a Samsung Fast Charge wall charger, which is a requirement to get the fastest speeds. At about $40 retail this is a better choice than the convertible stand, and you can frequently find refurbished models on sale for much less. See at Amazon TYLT Qi Wireless Charging Stand TYLT has been in the wireless charging game for years, proving itself to be one on of the most trusted third-party manufacturers. This is another angled wireless charging stand that lets you keep your phone accessible while it charges at your desk. What separates TYLT from the rest is its bold color options — you can get this charging stand in black, red, blue and yellow starting at just $21. See at Amazon iOttie iON Wireless Qi Charging Pad This wireless charger from iOttie might seem like the bulkier option based on pictures, but it's actually very intelligently designed. It's Qi-compatible with a triple-coil charging zone that's capable of 5V/1A output with a non-slip ring to hold your phone in place on top while it charges. And that hollow opening in the middle isn't just for the stylish look — it's also a docking bay for the iOttie PowerPack 3400mAh External Portable Charger which is super convenient and cool. You can even get a bundle pack that includes the iOttie PowerPack 3400mAh External Battery for just $40, so you can have a fully charged battery pack to take along with you if you think you'll need it. Otherwise, you can get the wireless charging pad for just $20. See at Amazon PASONOMI Fast Wireless Charger This wireless charging stand from PASONOMI is a great option for the Galaxy S8 or any Samsung Galaxy phone with wireless charging because it supports fast charging. That means you'll be able to fully charge your phone in under 2 hours! It's an intelligently designed charger with two charging coils positioned so that you're even able to charge your phone while watching videos in landscape mode. There's also a nice LED strip that will indicate the charging status, and the whole thing has a sleek and futuristic vibe to it. The stand is available in your choice of black or silver and is only $22. See at Amazon Do you charge wirelessly? Have you owned any of the wireless chargers we've featured here? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below! Update March 2018: Updated pricing information. These are still your best options for wirelessly charging your Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Galaxy S8 and S8+ review! Galaxy S8 and S8+ specs Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8’s cameras Get to know Samsung Bixby Join our Galaxy S8 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Unlocked

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