Essential Phone available in three new colors for a limited time

Each variant costs $599. On February 13, Essential shared a teaser image on Twitter saying that "a new wave" of the Essential Phone was coming. The photo hinted that we were finally getting a launch for the Ocean Depths color of the Essential Phone, and while that color is now available, there are two other ones being released alongside it. In addition to Ocean Depths, Essential is launching the Stellar Gray color that was also announced last May and a brand-new Copper Black variant. Ocean Depths is my personal favorite of the bunch, as it features a stunning teal back and gold frame + fingerprint sensor accent. It's one of the most unique color combos I've seen in years, and while some people may find it a bit obnoxious, I think it looks amazing. Stellar Gray has a much more subdued appearance with a matte black back and frame, and Copper Black offers the best of both worlds with a glossy back and copper frame. Due to the difficult process of consistently producing colored ceramic, Essential is only releasing these three colors in limited quantities. In regards to the release schedule: Ocean Depths is launching February 15 @ 12:00 PM PST Stellar Gray is launching February 20 @ 12:00 PM PST Copper Black is launching February 22 @ 12:00 PM PST Each version will cost $599 ($100 more than Black Moon and Pure White), and they'll be sold exclusively through Essential's website. See at Essential Essential Phone Essential Phone review Essential Phone specs The latest Essential Phone news Join our Essential Phone forums! Amazon Best Buy Sprint Telus

date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 17:45:04 +0000