Best RPGs for your PlayStation 4

Looking for some awesome RPG games on your PlayStation 4? Check these out! Uh oh! It's game night but your D&D group has canceled. Fortunately for you, there are other ways to scratch your roleplaying itch. If you're looking for some great RPGs for your PlayStation 4 then you should probably check out this list. Nier: Automata Monster Hunter World Undertale Persona 5 bloodborne Nier: Automata If you are a passionate fan of video games then you owe it to yourself to play Nier: Automata. Developer PlatinumGames uses Nier as an opportunity to work in the language of gaming to create a lush and stunning meta-portrait of the medium itself. If gaming were to gaze into a mirror and find that it was staring back then this game would be the end result. As an expansion of the Drakengard series, Neir Automata does not require you to play all the previous titles in the series in order to enjoy it. It is an action roleplaying game which you can enjoy on a surface level but as you work your way through it you will be rewarded with fantastic storytelling and a high level of replayability as the game morphs into something new with each play through. See at Amazon Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter World was just released by Capcom in the very beginning of 2018 and it's already on track to become one of the best games of the year. Capcom managed to take the popular action RPG and give it an approachability the series has never had until now. Travel to the New World to stalk and take down massive and stunning monsters. As you progress you will use resources from the monsters you slay in order to create weapons and gear to go on greater and more dangerous expeditions. Monster Hunter World has more reasonable learning curve than previous entry's but still has the depth of mechanics you would expect from a Monster Hunter game. See at Amazon Undertale Undertale is one man's love letter to RPG games. Developed and published by Toby Fox, it was originally released on PC in 2015 and saw a PlayStation version come out in 2017. Undertale has garnered much praise and awards for its innovative gameplay and writing. While it may not be the most beautiful RPG on this list it is certainly dripping with charm. The writing is at once fun and goofy while still maintaining a certain heart and beauty. If you love RPG games and want to try something that acknowledges the long history of the genre while still doing something entirely new then you should give Undertale a spin. See at Playstation Persona 5 The sixth game in the Persona series, Persona five easily stands out as one of the best JRPG games in the last decade. As one would come to expect, Persona 5 has a gorgeous anime visual style, solid turn-based combat mechanics, and a dash of social simulation. Take on the role of the main character Protagonist, transfer to Shujin Acadamy and discover and learn to harness your Persona powers. While Persona 5 is a stellar entry to the Persona series and a laudable RPG in its own right, I would be remiss if I were not to at least mention the painfully regressive and tone-deaf handling of LGBT characters. The only acknowledgment of the existence of anything but straight humans comes in the form of a ham-fisted and grotesque caricature of two gay men. Despite the fact that the series could use an update when it comes to certain social issues, it still manages to be a great JRPG. See at Amazon Bloodborne If you're looking for an action RPG that doesn't hold your hand then you might want to consider Bloodborne. In fact, not only does it refrain from holding your hand it might slap it every now and then. If you played either Demon Souls or Dark Souls and found that sort of granular combat enjoyable then you are going to love Bloodborne as well. FromSoftware takes the sort of grinding combat RPG experience that they do so well and ports it over to a gothic Lovecraftian world to great effect with Bloodborne. Take the role of The Hunter in order to save the town of Yharnam. The town's safety relies on your combat precision and your ability to not throw your controller across the room in frustration. See at Amazon Hopefully at least a few of these games can keep you satiated until next week when you can get back to some classic pen and paper role-playing. Or maybe you will be so ensconced in your new PS4 RPG that you will have to be the one to cancel the next D&D session. What are your favorite PS4 RPGs? Why are we reviewing PlayStation 4 games on Android Central? Let us explain. PlayStation 4 PS4 vs. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro: Which should you buy? PlayStation VR Review Playing PS4 games through your phone is awesome Amazon

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