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What's the best case for Galaxy S7? These should do the trick! If you have a Galaxy S7, then you probably didn't upgrade to the Galaxy S8, because the S7 still holds up quite well a couple years later. That being said, if you want you phone to feel brand new, why not dress it up in a new case? Here are the best available. Here are our favorites! Spigen Liquid Crystal LifeProof FRE Speck Candyshell Urban Armor Gear Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Ringke Fusion Crystal Case Vena vCommute Spigen Tough Armor Case Samsung S View Cover Caseology Wavelength OtterBox Symmetry MagicSky Raydem shockproof case Spigen Rugged Armor Trianium Protak Spigen Liquid Crystal You don't have to hide the beauty of your phone to keep it protected, and the Liquid Crystal case from Spigen proves that. This case offers protection without sacrificing the ability to see the color choice that you made on your initial purchase. You'll get a nice form fit from this case, and the embossed buttons are easy to press while the case is on the phone. You can grab one on Amazon for just over $10. See at Amazon LifeProof FRE For the ultimate protection, LifeProof is a brand that sits at the top. While the Galaxy S7 may already be waterproof, some additional waterproofing along with drop protection is a no-brainer for many. The case is designed this time around to be thinner than previous generations, while still providing the same amount of worry-free protection for your phone. You'll pay for the added protection, but it beats the constant worry about breaking your new investment. Check it out for around $40. See at Amazon Speck Candyshell If you want to keep your phone protected, but also want it to be as stylish as possible, you may want the Speck Candyshell case. Available in a variety of different patterns, Speck does a great job of combining style and protection in their cases. The single piece construction makes it easy to slide your phone in, and keep it protected. From a clear case to show off the beauty of the phone itself, to a fully decorated floral pattern, there is a case here for just about everyone. Pricing starts around $10. See at Amazon Urban Armor Gear Urban Armor Gear is known for its rugged designs and great protection with a unique style. The company has announced a variety of cases for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, including one that will also double as a wallet with a place to store some of your credit cards. You can order your case now, with shipments starting around the release date of the phone. These cases are a little pricier at around $40, but they're worth it. See at Amazon Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Searching for something a little more on the rugged side? The Unicorn Beetle Pro provides front and back protection for the Galaxy S7, including a durable swivel holster for quick-draw access at your side. On the front is a built-in plastic screen protector that's surrounded by a thick rim to keep the display raised from flat surfaces. The case itself utilizes a shock-absorbent TPU and durable polycarbonate to handle harsh impacts. The Unicorn Beetle Pro's rugged design is great for enhancing grip, too, with plenty of texture on each side of the case. This protective bundle is around $14 and available for pre-order right now. See at Amazon Ringke Fusion Crystal Case For those who prefer to protect their Galaxy S7 with a case while still showing off the phone's sleek appearance, Ringke's Fusion crystal case is definitely one the best options out there. Its simple design is protective enough to handle common drops without bulking things up. Port plugs on the bottom help to keep out dirt and debris, but can always be permanently removed if they're more of a nuisance. Side buttons are easily accessible through the clear flexible plastic along the edges, and the smooth polycarbonate shell sports a large cutout for the S7's camera features. Check it out for around $10. See at Amazon Vena vCommute This is probably the most innovative wallet case I've come across. It's basically a fusion-style case, featuring a TPU bumper and a PC shell, with a wallet slot on the back. The slot is covered by a strong magnetic flap that's three-tiered, so you can open it just a smidge to grab something quickly or open it all the way to fill it up. I comfortably fit three cards in this one, but you can snugly fit four, though it's a little difficult to get a card out when they're that tight. If you have three, however, it's incredibly easy to remove cards, right down to the last one. This case is the perfect blend of wallet and protective cover. Comes in gold/black and silver/black for around $17. See at Amazon Spigen Tough Armor Case Spigen's Tough Armor case rocks military-grade protection with its dual-layer design and Air Cushion Technology. The inner skin features a webbed design that the Galaxy S7 rests on, including air pockets in all 4 corners that help handle shock. The raised lip around the front ensures the Galaxy S7's display is always clear from rubbing on flat surfaces, and the glossy bezel around the camera grants clear photos at all times. Unlike the Spigen Slim Armor, the Tough Armor case comes without a flimsy kickstand, leaving a smooth look and feel to its exterior plastic shell. This case comes in gunmetal, champagne gold, and black, starting at $17. See at Amazon Samsung S View Cover Samsung's S View Cover series for the Galaxy S7 is just about as cool as it gets for phone cases. So long as you have NFC enabled on your phone, you essentially get a small window to your Galaxy S7 that lets you answer and decline calls, view message previews, activate the camera, and a bunch more. Your Galaxy S7 clips into the bumper inside and then you just fold the cover over and, though the display is turned off, the preview screen still shows up through the window. Many folks want a flip cover to protect their phone, but it can be cumbersome to pull it out and open it up, and it's definitely conspicuous in class or at a meeting. The S View Cover is available in black, gold, and silver to match your Galaxy S7. If you want a super cool, interactive case that does a lot more than just protect your Galaxy S7, then the S View Cover is definitely worth a look. Grab it for around $22. See at Amazon Caseology Wavelength Caseology's phone cases are excellent. I have yet to come across one that doesn't fit perfectly and doesn't feel great in the hand. The Wavelength series has a wavy pattern on the back (duh!), which offers a wonderfully textured grip. The buttons are covered, but the tactile response is very present, so you're not pressing multiple times wondering if you're even hitting a button. If you want a great-fitting case with precise cutouts, at phenomenal price (about $15), then check out the Caseology Wavelength. In fact, check out its whole collection — you can't go wrong! Comes in five color combinations. See at Amazon OtterBox Symmetry Everyone's perennial favorite case, OtterBox comes through yet again with the Symmetry Series, which offers guaranteed protection and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns so that you can add a bit of your own flair. Keep in mind that this case will add some bulk to your S7, but it'll also make it feel substantial in your hand, protected all around by the blend of silicone and polycarbonate plastic for excellent shock absorption and drop protection. If OtterBox has always been your go-to, then why mess up a good thing? Check out the Symmetry Series for around $17 to start. See at Amazon MagicSky If you really wanna dress up your Galaxy S7 and bling is the name of the game, then check out MagicSky's studded rhinestone dual-layer cases, which feature and array of patterns and colors. The edges are a soft silicone bumper, while the rest is harder plastic, which makes for great shock absorption and drop protection. These cases go on and come off easily, thanks to a snap design, and the prints are actually gorgeous, not tacky (unless you opt for the tackier few that are available — to each their own!). About $6 on Amazon. See at Amazon Raydem shockproof case Raydem's cases have a cool, sort of brushed steel look about them and they feature a card slot and a rather subtle kickstand that's perfect for watching video hands-free. You have your choice of black, gray, a rather stunning navy blue, and rose gold, and pricing starts around $12. See at Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor Spigen's Rugged Armor is perfect for folks who want slim but bold protection. This one-piece case is made from flexible TPU, which is lightweight and shock-absorbent. Rugged Armor is military drop-tested, and this case features Spigen's "Air Cushion Technology, which just a fancy way of saying air pockets in the corners, which cradle a blow where your phone is most vulnerable. You can grab this in black for about $11 on Amazon. See at Amazon Trianium Protak Trianium's one-piece Protak case is made of firm yet flexible TPU that's both slim and light but quite protective. All your buttons are covered but the Protak offer solid tactile feedback, and it's geometric shape both looks cool and is optimized for protection in case you drop your S7. Trianium offers a lifetime warranty, so if you notice any defects, send it back and you'll get a new one. This case comes in black for around $11. See at Amazon What's your favorite Galaxy S7 case? Those are just a handful of the best cases to consider protecting your Galaxy S7 with. If you're holding out for a different case, we'd love to hear about it! Updated February 2018: Updated pricing and added the Raydem, Spigen Rugged Armor, and Trianium Protak cases. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Galaxy S7 review Galaxy S7 edge review U.S. unlocked Galaxy S7 Should you upgrade to the Galaxy S7? Best SD cards for Galaxy S7 Join our Galaxy S7 forums Unlocked AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon

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