Best Cases for the Honor View 10

Protect your Honor View 10 with one of these cases. The Honor View 10 is a slick new phone with a modern design and plenty of power to back it up, but it's also made entirely of aluminum, which is notoriously slippery and easy to scratch. If you're thinking about picking up a View 10 any time soon, a case wouldn't be a bad idea. There aren't too many cases for the View 10 at the moment — after all, the phone itself isn't even out yet — but we've sought out some of the best cases you should consider. Avidet Hard Back Zeking Ultra Slim KuGi Folio TopAce Ultra Thin Armor-X Avidet Hard Back The Avidet Hard Case is a simple case for those that just want a little protection for the back of their phone. Rather than wrapping around all of its edges, this case simply snaps onto the sides of the View 10 and adds some much-needed grip. It's made of a hard polycarbonate to withstand any scratches or dents that would otherwise deface the View 10's aluminum back, and it leaves plenty of room on the bottom and sides for easy access to buttons and ports. If you want to pick up an Avidet case for yourself, it'll only run you about $8 on Amazon. See at Amazon Zeking Ultra Slim If you're a bit more prone to dropping your phone, you may be better off with the Zeking Ultra Slim. This case provides coverage around the body of the View 10 with a grippy TPU material, and adds extra padding to the corners, where the phone is most likely to take damage. Since the Zeking case is clear, you're still able to see the anodized aluminum finish of the View 10 — especially nice if you have the bold red or blue models. There's no price listed yet, so we'll update when it is. See at Amazon KuGi Folio Perhaps a folio case is more your style. KuGi offers a folio case made of TPU and polyurethane that allows you to prop up the View 10 for a more convenient video watching experience. KuGi includes magnets to help keep the case shut when not in use, and there are various cutouts giving easy access to the buttons and ports. This is one of the cheapest case on the list, at just $6 (though shipping costs just as much). See at Amazon TopAce Ultra Thin For the no-nonsense shopper, the TopAce Ultra Thin is the most traditional case — a simple TPU cover that wraps all the way around the sides of the View 10 and creates a protective lip for the front. It's flexible, making it easy to apply and remove, and the combination of brushed metal and carbon fiber stylings make for an attractive look. Like other cases in this list, the TopAce cover adds extra protection to the corners, and goes a step further with a shock-resistant inner lining. You can snag the TopAce Ultra Thin on Amazon for just $8. See at Amazon Armor-X This is easily the most niche case of the list. Like plenty of other cases, the Armor-X case protects the View 10 from drops with shock-resistant TPU, but you'll notice something a little different about it. On the back of the case is a large mount Armor-X calls its X-Mount adapter, which allows you to attach the View 10 to bicycles, belt clips, and even carabiners. The X-Mount adapter also doubles as a kickstand, allowing you to prop up the View 10 and take advantage of its large display for watching videos. The Armor-X case definitely isn't for everyone, but if it piques your interest, you can order one for around $25. See at Armor-X Which one would you buy? There may not be as many cases available for the View 10 as there are for more popular phones, but hopefully the ones we presented have given you some ideas. Are you ordering any of them for your View 10? Let us know in the comments below!

date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 17:00:01 +0000