Samsung patent shows future Galaxy device with a notch, another with front facing camera behind the display

With our smartphone screens getting bigger and bigger, bezels are growing smaller and smaller as a result. It’s easy to picture a future where all smartphones will one day feature an iPhone X-like “notch” at the top (or even something smaller like the Essential Phone). As unsightly as it is, it’s pretty much mandatory. Where else would you place the front facing camera and light sensors? Samsung could have the answer. A recently uncovered Samsung patent shows the Korean manufacturer could have plans to place the front facing camera just underneath the display. In fact, everything is being places behind the display, including proximity/light sensors, earpiece and even a fingerprint sensor. Although it’s not entirely clear how Samsung plans on accomplishing this, we have seen the manufacturer make advancements in transparent OLED technology. It’s possible they’re planning something similar for their smartphones somewhere down the line. Like most patents, this could be just another great idea that falls to the wayside. For now, it seems your future smartphone will have a notch (see the figure above where Samsung has also patented a new Galaxy device with a notch and fingerprint sensor underneath the display). At the very least, manufacturers like Samsung are already exploring ways of eliminating the notch somewhere down the line. Telefoon Abonnement | via GSM Arena

date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 20:01:05 +0000