Project Linda transforms the Razer Phone into a laptop

Let me know if you’ve heard this one before: a company has made a device that can turn your phone into a laptop. I’m not talking about Palm, HP, Asus, Nokia, or Motorola. Razer is the latest company to attempt to allow users to easily merge their smartphone and laptop. Maybe this time it will work. Cynicism aside, Razer has announced “Project Linda” at CES. It’s a shell for the Razer Phone that transforms the phone into a laptop. This has been attempted many times in the past, but Razer is doing something new and interesting. The phone docks into the laptop and acts as the trackpad. That’s pretty clever. The design works really well. Since the Razer Phone has front-facing speakers, those are pointed right at you. Razer has also left a gap in the front so you can still use the fingerprint sensor on the phone. The laptop itself has a 13-inch 2560×1440 LCD display, full-size keyboard, USB-C and A ports, 200GB of storage, and a big 53.6Wh battery that can charge the phone up to 4 times. Project Linda is still just a prototype. Razer still wants to make the display a touchscreen and add HDMI-out. The execution looks really good so far. The Razer Phone is certainly powerful enough to be a laptop. We’ll have to wait and see if Linda ever becomes a real product. Would you buy one?

date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 15:52:59 +0000