Manage your passwords with a Dashlane subscription for 50 percent off

Managing your many, many passwords for all of the online services that you use can be a full-time job without a service like Dashlane. Today, you can get a big 50 percent discount on one of Dashlane’s subscription tiers, which means it’s cheaper to finally get a handle on all of your passwords. If you choose to pick a one-year subscription to Dashlane, you can snap it up for $19.98, compared to its normal price of $39.96. If you pick the three-year subscription, you pay just $59.94, compared to its normal cost of $119.89. Finally, a five-year Dashlane subscription is only $99.9o with this special deal, compared to its normal price of $199.80. No matter which subscription tier you pick, Dashlane will allow you to create strong and unique passwords for all your services with just a single click, and if they get leaked, you can change any of them in seconds. You can also log into any of your services that need a password with a single click as well with Dashlane’s services. All of your passwords are also safe inside Dashlane’s encrypted servers. In addition to managing your passwords, a Dashlane subscription will also allow you to quickly autofill online forms with saved information like mailing addresses, credit and debit card numbers, and more. There’s also the option to enable  two-factor authentication for even better security. All of your passwords stored on Dashlane are automatically synced across all of the devices you use, and you can encrypt and backup your account in the cloud. If for some reason you need to share password info with a family member or friend, Dashlane lets you do that securely. Finally, if anything should happen to you, Dashlane can be set up so that you can send all of your password information to an emergency contact. Dashlane is the password manager that’s easy to use, and will keep all of your online info safe. Check it out!

date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 21:12:12 +0000