Facial Unlock is coming to an Honor 7X near you

While many of us are wondering about what the new trend will be for 2018, it seems we may already have an answer. After Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 with its iris scanning technology, Apple released the iPhone X with facial recognition and more OEM’s are seemingly jumping on this hype train. The train may have left the station with the Galaxy Note 8, but now Apple and OnePlus have joined the ranks, and Honor may be one of the next OEM’s to do so. Alongside the announcement of a special Red edition of the Honor 7X, the company also revealed that facial unlock would be coming to the device. The company claims this will be the first time that this “functionality will be available globally at the $199 USD price point.” Huawei’s sub-brand is looking to make big moves in the US over the course of 2018, and bringing this technology to more devices may be the best way to turn Honor into more of a household name. Honor claims that the facial unlock feature will begin rolling out to Honor 7X devices sometime in Q1 2018. Of course, this is a rather broad timeframe, but at least you know it’s on the way, barring any major setbacks in the integration. Let us know if you would like to see more devices released with facial unlock in-tow, or if you just think this is another gimmick that won’t really catch on.

source: https://phandroid.com/2018/01/09/face-unlock-honor-7x/
date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 20:21:58 +0000