Best Place to Buy your PlayStation Aim Controller

Taking PlayStation VR to the next level With games like Bravo Team and Farpoint being released for the PlayStation VR, the need for an Aim Controller gets that much harder to silence as the days go on. Well, no worries, I've done the work of comparing prices and site reviews for you! This way you know you're not only getting the best deals, but they're also from the best sites. Check out below to see the buying options for your new PlayStation Gear! Not playing a PSVR and simply looking for a new Aim Controller to play your Move games? Options for that are below as well! PlayStation VR bundle Aim controller bundle Buying just the controller Buying used controllers PlayStation Aim Controllers for the Move PlayStation VR bundle If you haven't bought a PSVR system yet but you already know you're going to want the coolest games that are compatible with the Aim Controller you might as well go for the full bundle. NewEgg offers a stellar deal at $799.99 for you to get everything you'll need for the PSVR and even a game to start you off! See at NewEgg Aim controller bundle Maybe you already have the PSVR but are still interested in a bundle that comes with a game. Well, for $79.99 NewEgg bring you that deal, complete with the Aim Controller and Farpoint VR. Considering the Aim Controller itself goes for about $60-70 dollars I'd say this deal is pretty stellar. See at NewEgg Buying options for just the controller If you've already got your games and you're just looking for the controller, here are the buying options. As it stands, Best Buy offers the best deal at $59.99, where Walmart sells theirs for $71.99. If you hate ordering online or live close to a Walmart, fret not. They do have their price match options, meaning they can match the price at Best Buy to meet your convenience. Both are listed below for you to make the decision! See at Walmart See at Best Buy Buying used controllers As it stands, this options is not worth it. The prices on the most common sites for buying used tech are almost the same as the price of buying it new. When you add the risk of possible complications it makes it hard to be worth it. I just can't see the (roughly) 15 dollars you're going to save being worth the risk. But, here's a few notes if you choose to go that route. When buying used technology please always keep in mind and be prepared for a scam. Request videos of the devices working and inquire about up-to-date images and not just stock photos. Most importantly, always meet in a public place if buying anything offline where you have to meet in person for delivery. Aim Controllers for your PlayStation Move U.S Army Elite Force Assault Rifle Controller For PlayStation 3 & Move Walmart offers a nifty camo gun for you to feel like a right and proper soldier while playing games on your PlayStation Move. For $22.99 you can get this adorable army gun for your gaming experience. Not compatible with PSVR See at Walmart Move Perfect Aim Pistol On Amazon, you can find a one-handed PlayStation Move gun. This small, compact gun is a little fragile so certainly not recommended if it's going to be used in a house with small children (or reckless adults). Not compatible with PSVR See on Amazon How about you? Where did you buy your PlayStation Aim Controller? Did you find a better deal? Tell us in the comments below! PlayStation 4 PS4 vs. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro: Which should you buy? PlayStation VR Review Playing PS4 games through your phone is awesome Amazon

date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 21:00:02 +0000