Best icon packs for Android

Without icon packs, we are left with chaos. App icons are different shapes, different sizes, different color schemes and follow different design guidelines. Samsung's icons look different than Google's icons, look different from Microsoft's icons, look different from every other developer's icons. They are messy. They are awkward. They need to be brought under control. And until Adaptive Icons are implemented consistently and required for all third-party apps, that's where icon packs come in. Icon packs bring control. Icon packs bring consistency. Icon packs bring classiness. Even if you're not into custom themes, you should use an icon pack. A good icon pack can help you find your apps more quickly, can help make your phone look and feel less cluttered, and they just look better. And whether you want an icon pack that stands out or blends in, we have the best icon packs right here for your pleasure and consideration. Whicons (free) is one of what I like to call the Randle Holy Trinity. Whicons is a simple matte white icon pack that plays well across a wide variety of themes and wallpapers, and if you download nothing else from this list, download Whicons! The masking with Whicons for missing icons is excellent, too, should there be any holes in your app drawer. Zwart (free) is the yin to Whicon's yang, and as such it's the little black dress of the icon world. If Whicons doesn't go with your wallpaper, odds are pretty good Zwart will suit it instead. Using Whicons and Zwart together in a yin/yang style can make for a sophisticated theme all on their own. Golden Icons (free) is a bit more luxurious, adding not only color but a shiny metallic bevel to the icon pack. I wish there was a silver pack to mirror it, but I'll take what I can get, and Golden Icons is as good as a gold icon pack gets. Whicons, Zwart, and Golden Icons Noctum ($1.50) is a greyscale icon pack with a slight blue hue and a beautiful disposition. Ever since I used it for my Blank Panther theme, Noctum has remained a constant on my phones for use with dark themes, monochrome themes Oscuro ($0.99) is a dark icon pack with the Teardrop shape that's been popping up with Adaptive icons and a downright ridiculous number of supported icons. The black teardrop icons include transparent cutouts, allowing the wallpaper to show through the icons in fun ways. Lines (Free, $1.99) is the best of the wireframe packs on Android right now, and if you're aiming for an icon pack that lights up as few pixels as possible, this is your pack. Lines has a great and growing selection of icons, but it could stand to update the Google Play icons. Noctum, Oscuro, and Lines Ombre ($1.99) features a more whimsical shape than the standard squircles and squares, having icons of varying shapes rest above a consistent rectangular shelf. This pack is both dark and vibrant, and it features plenty of alternate icons alongside an icon mask to help keep your app drawer consistent. ELEV8 ($1.99) takes Ombre in a lighter direction, switching dark accents and more outlandish colors for more traditional, bright hues and paperwhite accents. Unicorn ($1.99) is full of blues, purples, pinks, and bright, bright whites to make your home screen feel a bit more like a rave. Ombre, ELEV8, and Unicorn Emptos ($0.99) is a transparent icon pack for users who want icons on their screen, but don't want them covering up the wallpaper. The clear squircle backers all the wallpaper to shine through, which white shapes keep the icons easily identifiable. Pireo ($0.99) keeps everything consistent inside circular icons, evoking the icons of a Pixel or Android Oreo in a flat, colorful, and sensible design. Urmun ($0.99) adds a bit of depth to its icons with shallow shadows and original shapes, and the standard color palette used here allows the icon pack to work with a wide array of wallpapers. Emptos, Pireo, and Urmun Glim (Free, $0.99) is a pack we've turned to time and time again for Material icons, especially when seeing to color-match icons to a wallpaper or theme. Glim's color variants and the wide variety of alternate icons ensure that you'll be able to patch any holes in your app drawer. Sunrise (free) is another icon pack with a wide variety of color variants and alternate icons, though this pack uses color for accents to its white icons. This allows the icons to remain easily identifiable while meshing with a wider array of icons. Moonrise (free) is a flips the script from Sunrise, using color to accent dark grey icons. Because this pack uses grey instead of black, this is a dark icon pack that can still play well with black wallpapers and themes. Glim, Sunrise, and Moonrise Looking for something else in an icon pack? Not to worry; there are thousands and thousands of icon packs out there to try! Which icon packs do you keep coming back to? Tell us in the comments! Updated January 2018: We've more than doubled the icon packs on our list, and cleaned things up a bit.

date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 17:00:00 +0000