Best Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8

Double up your Galaxy S8's battery life with protective and functional battery case! The Samsung Galaxy S8 features pretty outstanding battery life on its own, but you may still be in search of an extra boost of battery life after a long day of use or if you're traveling and will be away from a wall charger for an extended period. That's where a battery case comes in real handy, offering you essentially an extra battery pack that's attached to your phone and doubles up with some added protection. Before we dive into the options below, we should say from the outset that some battery cases may prevent your phone from using NFC due to their thickness and density — something to keep an eye out for. With that out of the way, let's take a look at our options! Mophie Juice Pack (2950mAh) Mophie Charge Force case w/ Powerstation Mini (3000mAh) Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case (4500mAh) Vproof Power Bank Cover (5000mAh) Mophie Juice Pack (2950mAh) If you've bought a battery case for your phone in the past, chances are it was made by Mophie. It's one of the leading manufacturers and has a good track record of making quality products. For the Galaxy S8, it's released a version of its classic Mophie Juice Pack, which offers up 2950mAh of extra battery life for your phone, perfect for giving you an extra boost of juice when you're phone's running low near the end of the day. But that Mophie branding also means it's able to charge a premium price — at $89.99 it's nearly three times the price of other cases on this list. It's also worth noting that despite the added protection in the corners, the drawback from Mophie's low-profile design means the case is nearly flush with the screen so you may want to look into a tempered glass screen protector to add a bit of protection around the front. The case comes with a USB-C charging cable and wall charger but does not offer compatibility with Samsung's Fast Charge feature. But on the upside, the case itself offers wireless charging, so you can still use it on all of your various wireless chargers around the house. Mophie states on its website that its products are covered by a 2-year warranty, and it also offers a variety of wireless charging docks to keep your phone and your case topped up throughout your day. See at Amazon Mophie Charge Force Case Another great option from Mophie for wirelessly charging your Galaxy S8 phone is its Charge Force series of accessories. Instead of having the battery pack built right into the case, the Charge Force Case is a slim case made of leather with built-in magnets that are used with other Charge Force accessories to top up your phone. The case itself sells for $50 and is compatible with most wireless charging pads you may already own while being thin enough to not impede Samsung Pay or Google Pay. For wireless charging on the go, you'll also need to pick up a Charge Force Powerstation Mini. It's a compact 3,000 mAh battery pack that securely attaches to the back of the case via magnets and will wirelessly charge your phone whenever and wherever you need it. The advantages here are obvious as you only add the extra bulk of the charging pack when you absolutely need it without blocking the headphone jack or charging port at the bottom of your phone. Mophie also offers Charge Force charging docks for your home, office, or car, and since everything is modular in nature and would work with other Charge Force cases for the Note 8 or any future Samsung flagships. These accessories, along with the Powerstation Mini, should work with newer Juice Pack cases that are compatible with Charge Force technology. See at Mophie Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case (4500mAh) The Trianium Atomic Pro case offers a good combination of protection and extra battery life, packing in a 4500mAh external battery on the back panel, with a front-plate bumper that protects the edges and adds a lip of protection for the screen. This case also features quick-charge sync-through technology which lets you charge your phone and your battery pack simultaneously. On the back, you'll find an LED indicator for how much battery life is remaining in the case. Trianium has also included a headphone jack extender so you don't lose that functionality on your phone. Get this battery case for $36 in your choice of black or white. See at Amazon Vproof Power Bank Cover (5000mAh) So if you were to search for battery cases for the Galaxy S8 on Amazon, you'll find a seemingly endless list of lesser-known brands offering essentially the exact same battery case for about the same price. So instead of linking to five nearly identical products, we'll point to one of the better reviewed of the bunch from Vproof. Offering a 5000mAh battery, this case is as beefy as you would expect it to be but in exchange, it offers an extra 24+ hours of talk time (if you still do that) or up to 13 hours of added web browsing. It's designed with ample cutouts around the speakers, charging ports and headphone jack so the bulkiness won't interfere with your phone's functionality (aside from the NFC issue mentioned above). There's protection for your phone around the corners, but the case sits pretty flush with your phone's screen so you'll want to be aware of that going in. It's also available on the cheap, for just $25.99. Vproof also offers a 12-month hassle-free warranty as well which is always nice. See at Amazon Planning to pick up a battery case? Do any of these battery cases stand out to you? Which one are you getting? Let us know in the comments! Update January 2018: Added Mophie Charge Force case and updated pricing information. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Galaxy S8 and S8+ review! Galaxy S8 and S8+ specs Everything you need to know about the Galaxy S8’s cameras Get to know Samsung Bixby Join our Galaxy S8 forums Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Unlocked

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