Best replacement bands for Samsung Gear S2

Give your Samsung Gear S2 a fresh look with a new wristband! The Samsung Gear S2 is over two years old but still a fantastic smartwatch. You may be thinking it's time to upgrade to the Gear S3 or an Android Wear option but if you're really still loving the Gear S2 maybe all you need is a fresh look. The price of replacement bands has dropped so low that you can completely revamp the look of your Gear S2 for as low as $10. Let's dive in on the best replacement bands for the Gear S2! V-MORO Getwow Moretek MoKo FanTEK Henoda V-MORO watch bands If you're a fan of giving your technology a bit of personal flair, then the V-MORO watch bands should certainly pique your interest. There are over a dozen different bands available, from multiple colors, floral patterns, leather, and even solid stainless steel links. Depending on the style, these bands are available starting at $9.75. See at Amazon Getwow watch bands Another great place to look is at the watch bands from Getwow. These rubber watchbands are each unique in their design. Though you won't find anything particularly flashy in these rubber options, they do sport a number of different patterns. Each one can be bought for around $7, with bright colors that are sure to catch the eye. See at Amazon Moretek watch bands If you've got a Samsung Gear S2 Classic and want a watch band that will work well for fitness and prevents sweat from building up between your wrist and your watch,you want these Moretek bands might do the trick. There are four color combinations that you'll be able to choose from, and each sports a design with cutouts throughout the band and a two-tone color scheme. These watch bands are available for around $11. See at Amazon MoKo watch bands If you want to avoid clasps, the MoKo band for Gear S2 Classic is a magnetic option that adheres to itself. This means that if you have a wrist larger, or smaller, than the norm you don't have to worry about it not fitting correctly. Styled after the Milanese loop bands that are super stylish, you can pick one up for around $11 although supplied are limited. See at Amazon FanTEK watch bands Not everybody can afford to shell out $30 or $40 for a new watch band. Thankfully, FanTEK comes through with affordable watch bands that sport muted designs. Unlike the bright designs on many other watch bands, you'll find dark colors and simple designs that draw your eye to the Gear S2 without being overwhelming. Even if you're not on a budget, the $7.88 price tag is a sweet deal. See at Amazon Henoda watch bands Not everybody is looking for a flashy design, or really a design at all, for their watch bands. If all you're looking for is a watch band with a splash of color, check out the Henoda watch bands. Available for around $10 these silicon replacement bands come in a solid color. You can choose from one of ten colors to make your smartwatch pop without looking audacious. See at Amazon How to replace your Gear S2 watch band Once you get your Gear S2 replacement band, it's easy to change it out. Just follow along with our how-to video! What caught your eye? Did any of these watch bands look like a real winner? Let us know about it in the comments below! Update April 2018: Refreshed the options on our list and updated pricing information.

date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 15:00:00 +0000